Free For The Apple II Beagle Brothers Software & Doc's

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Free For The Apple II Beagle Brothers Software & Doc's

I have the following five Beagle Brothers software packages for free (you pay the shipping);

-Time Out Desk Tools II

-Time Out Graph

-Time Out Side Spread

-Time Out Superfonts

-Time Out Ultra Macros

These were all programs that work as adjuncts to AppleWorks for the Apple II computers, and it is required for them to work. Everything, except the outer boxes are in very good condition. I think the disks work great still. Since you only had to install the program once, each disk probably wasn't accessed more than a couple of times.

Everything that you see in the pictures comes with the set. Most have extra's like the BB company logo stickers and software catalog.

For the shipping, I’m charging $4.00 for the first set, and another $1.25 for each additional one. If I don’t get a response here within a week (by 2007.12.24), I’ll put them up on Ebay. If no go there, then the recycle pile for the paper.

You can PM me here or email me at mutant_pie(insert at sign)hotmail(insert “.com