Imac 400 DV SE mod

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I have an iMac 400 DV SE Graphite that has been around so long she has a name in the house. She is Graylynn. Graylynn is an older girl at almost 8 years old. Graylynn recently was subjected to 4 power outages in less than 15 min. Now when I press the power button she tries (for less than a second) to power up. I think the power supply is shot. Has anyone preformed a mod to replace the power supply with another kind? I would put her into a G4 box if i had too. I have on hand a friend has donated for this if I have to.

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A number of us here have done

A number of us here have done iMac to ATX power supply conversions. this thread has a ton of info, plus links to other sites that have all the pinouts, etc. you'll need.

It's a lot of work and as someone pointed out recently, at the end of it you still have just an iMac, but it's a fun mod, good experience, and keeps one more computer out of the landfill.

My personal favorite iMac mod is this one.

If you take the plunge, please take some photos and post them here. It's always fun to see what other people come up with.


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Thank you

I have looked at most of these mods and was not sure which one was the best or had the best pin out. The Mac G4 tower box a friend has donated has an intact power supply and other components that I have yet to asses I am curious if there is a way to add additional hard drives to the DV SE mod as there is much space available.. Any advise would be welcome as i really don't want to let the factory smoke out of anything I have left. (It's hard to put the smoke back in)