Krusader 1.3 released

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The latest version of Krusader, my integrated and rommable assembler, disassembler and debugging monitor environment for the Replica 1/A-one is now available from my website.

This version includes two very minor bug fixes over version 2, some additional sample source code, and also a new command that allows you to execute Woz monitor commands from both the Krusader command shell and the mini-monitor. This means you can examine and modify memory without having to leave either the Krusader shell or the mini-monitor environment, and is particularly useful when studying or debugging code in the mini-monitor.

To add this feature I needed to make some changes to the Woz-monitor code, but the behaviour is the same and none of the standard entry points were changed, so I do not anticipate any compatibility problems at all.

The user manual is fully updated and describes the new features.

Please download and give it a try. I recommend all Replica 1 and A-one users update their ROM to the latest version and take advantage of the new features.


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Is there a link?

Or is this something I should know about already?



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Google finds it very easily,

Google finds it very easily, but I also just added it to my profile (thought it was there already).