FS: Apple IIc, color monitor, two external drives, two printers, ribbons, manuals

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Selling some stuff from my collection.

Selling a tested working Apple IIc (original ROM 255). Included is a
ColorMonitor IIe, two IIc external drives, original manuals, and two
untested ImageWriter II printers. Included is a box of color printer
ribbons for the IW II printers. The printer ribbons are still sealed
in plastic (except one which I opened up), but I did not test them and
cannot guarantee vintage stuff.

The color monitor is real nice to have.

I will also throw in an additional non-working IIc that can be used
for parts (don't know what the ROM version is on this one because
nothing comes up on the monitor) - the one with the missing Caps Lock
key in the pictures.

$100+shipping from zip 97124. The weight of the printers makes
shipping more expensive. I will accomodate local pickups if

Pictures at: http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSAppleIIc

If interested, I might offer a Z-RAM memory board and manual for the
IIc for an additional cost. I found it in a box, but have not tested
it yet (and wondering why it's in the box and not inside the IIc).

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Joined: Apr 1 2005
Posts: 117
Update: Excluding one of the external IIc drives

I'm excluding one of the external IIc drives (you can't chain together two of those drives on the IIc anyway) since I need to provide a 5.25" drive for the IIe package I'm also selling.