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What sort of software do you guys use for skype type phone calls over ethernet internet?

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Tell us more

What model computer are you using? Which OS? (Please be specific: for example, "iMac 400MHz running 10.3.9" or "Thinkpad T1871B11 running XP Pro SP2," not just "Gateway" or "MAC")

There are several audio chat applications available, not the least of which include AIM, iChat, Messenger, and of course Skype itself (for both Windows and Mac). Is there a particular reason you [can't/don't want to/didn't think you could/have been told you can't] use Skype?


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probably cause skype is bloat

probably cause skype is bloated and runs bad on slower hardware?

i like ichat better in tiger then skype, you can do basically the same thing with it but wont rape your computer to do it.

i have used skype and do like its functions but its way to harsh on system resources if you don't have allot to spare.


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