Any way to track down Apple II manufacture dates from serial numbers the way you can with Macs?

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Hello everyone,

Just joined Applefritter after browsing it for the past few days. I'm a proud Apple owner since '97 (Performa 6400/200 and iMac G4, as well as Newton OMP, 120, and 2100), and have just acquired my first Apple IIs. The one that's really special is a virtually new IIc, complete with monitor, stand, mouse, all cords, and original owners manual and software (if I understand correctly, there should be also a set up manual, though of course it being Apple, I was able to figure it out between my own reasoning and what's mentioned in the owner's manual, and also supposedly some two-part tech-type manual, too), all in practically "virginal" condition (no signs of wear, dirt, use, abuse, yellowing). The $64 question I have is this: I know that you can find out pretty closely when a Mac, even a 128K, was made by entering the serial# on a certain website. I tried that with my IIc serial#, and got an error message (even though it says that you can look up any Apple product there, not just Macs). Is there anywhere or anyway that one can track down the "build date" or week or month by way of the serial# on an Apple II? Thanks in advance.