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I hope this is the right forum.

The Airport card is getting hard to find for my G4.I a looking around for a OSX compatible PCI wifi card. I know that most cards with Broadcom chips would work. But, there 2 problems. I googled and found a few lists, unfortunately, all these on the list are outdated products. Found drivers for the RT25XX chips from Ralink. But the product made with these chips are outdated as well. The other problem is that a some of the card maker either silkscreened their own part number on the chip or simply blanked the chip to hide the part number.

What I am asking is, had anybody tried a current production PCI wifi B/G card in the last few months and have the card working with built in Apple drivers.

I have a Belkin F5D7001 on order, hoping that it would work. If not, I have other use for it.

One other question, Know of any terabit PCI card that would work with a G4/G5 with OSX?

Thanks a lot for the infos


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i have a Belkin wireless G+ P

i have a Belkin wireless G+ PCI card model F5D7001 version 1102 and it wrks great in 10.4.11 ( it uses a broadcom chipset ) i dot know about the newer versions of it if it uses the same or not. i bought mine around feb, of 2007

10.4 dont support this card, there is a version of tiger that gains support ( i cant remember what version of tiger that gained support for it) but i know that 10.4.8 - current versions of tiger do support it.

i haven't had any issues with it and always had a signal and never dropped out once. so far its proven to be a real good wifi card. the only thing i dont like about it is the fact the antenna isn't replaceable (meaning you cant replace it with a high gain antenna)


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THE_red_baron wrote:

One other question, Know of any terabit PCI card that would work with a G4/G5 with OSX?

I think you'll have to travel about 15-20 years into the future to find a Terabit network card for *any* personal computer-level platform. The fastest single "for sale" network device I know of, period, is the OC-768 serial linecards you can find in multi-million-dollar Cisco Telecom routers, which can do just under 40 *Gigabit*. ;^)


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Ok, let me hope in my DeLorean. I'll bring you back a few Smile. Along the way I'll get a few lottory numbers too.

I meant gigabits. I have been putting together a few Terabytes NAS, I was confused.