Trouble with Apple III booting

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On 2008-01-17 22:53:28 -0800, jjj said:

Hey guys... I'm having difficulties.

I'm trying to create some Apple /// boot disks using MacADT. I have an SE/30 running MacADT, connected to an Apple //c. I format the disk using the //c with the "INIT HELLO" command. I am able to successfuly copy //-series software .dsk files from the SE/30 to the //c using MacADT to ADT transfer.

So I downloaded the Apple3SystemUtils.dsk file from an FTP site, and other system disk files for the Apple ///. I transferred them in the same way to 5.25" floppies using MacADT to ADT (SE/30 to //c). However when I put these disks in the Apple ///, it won't boot. It just gives the error, "I/O Error" in the center of the screen (no other info). When there's no disk in the drive, it just says RETRY ;

Obviously the Apple //c uses a different disk format than the Apple ///. But how else am I supposed to get the SOS disks for Apple /// ???

Someone please help. E-mail or respond here thanks!


PS --

Also I tried something else which didn't work either. I used ProDOS to format the disk. This did not help. (Previously I was using DOS 3.3)

Also I downloaded and made a disk of ADTpro, and while I can run it under ProDOS, I cannot Receive from the SE/30 running MacADT. Though If I'm running DOS 3.3 and plain-old ADT, I can receive from MacADT. Is there a newer version of MacADT than 1.2.1, which would properly talk to ADTpro?

What gives?

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Clean the III

Your procedure should work. Apple IIIs are notorious for popping chips up, out of their sockets. I would disassemble the III (taking care to note where all the wires go) and reseat all the chips and connectors. Use a little isopropyl alcohol on a Q-Tip to clean the read/write head on the floppy drive. Fluff up the felt pad that presses the floppy disk to the read/write head.

Most Apple IIIs are 25 years old and have been sitting for 20-15 years in a corner. Give it a little love Smile