Apple II as trash! No way!

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At my son's school, he wants an apple iie they have in a room with no teacher in it and he looked in there and saw an apple iie. And he wanted it... I checked it out and it's only missing 3 keys. Otherwise, nice condition. With disk drives and monitor and the IIe. And on top of it, is a paper taped on it saying "throw all this away"! That made me pretty mad. They are just going to throw it away. It probably hasn't been in use since 1985 or something. In the disk drive is apple dos 3.3! and in the second one is prefixes and suffixes. It's not even plugged in! And they are throwing it away, not even selling it. What do you guys think of this?

I am hopefully going to start taking it home if they say I can... i want it so bad!

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If it is trash I'd talk to th

If it is trash I'd talk to the custodian/janitor and see if they will walk it out to the dumpster while you wait next to it. They get ot say they took it to the trash and you get to take it off the cart and put it in your vehicle. It might need actual paperwork to get someone to give it to you, so the admin may be less inclined to make it an official "gift."


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At our local dump I've snagged

All in one G3's, iMacs, SE's, Classics. I knew a friend who got a G5 out of the dump, took it home, ran diskwarrior on it, worked fine. Sick world.



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That's what I think, there is

That's what I think, there is a school auction today, but the computer is still just sitting in that room! These people are making me sick. I am going to go to see what they have, I hopefully can find some software or other vintage pc stuff, but we all know that apple is better. I will hopefully require that IIe at the school on Monday or Tuesday. Your right, dvsjr, it's a sick world.

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you all know my saga about th

you all know my saga about the powerbook 145 and the french teacher at my high school at the end of 2005. He refused to give it to me, so I had to help myself to it, and found it laying in the trash can. Sure, the machine was parted out, but most of it's parts live on. That includes the uber rare 1gb HD in IDE to SCSI adapter. Those don't grow on trees. Plus that video out adapter, even though it does not work, is a nice conversation piece.

I hope I get lucky and find a G5 in the trash. I kinda need something with a bit more speed.

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