Quicken does not convert to Mac

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This is to Steve Jobs. I am new to the Mac environment and it is such an awesome environment. However, I have been a Quicken user through the PC environment since 1991. Intuit HAS NOT developed a platform to convert files from PC to MAC. I am asking you to assign your programmers to develop a personal finance program to compete with Quicken.. I would switch immediately..
My Quicken did not convert to Mac OS so I maintain a laptop PC for that purpose. PLEASE, PLEASE, develop a program to compete with Quicken. I will buy eit as I am sure other Mac users would. Intuit sucks!!! I love the MAC!!!
Debbie Courtright

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I guess I'm a little confused ...

Do you not already have Quicken 2007? (link connects to Apple's online store)

The old "Macs just aren't compatible" argument has been whittled away over the last 20 years to the point that it just isn't true.


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Converting Quicken to Mac

Yes, I bought the Quicken 2007 for Mac when I bought the new system.I bought a new iMac with Leopard and tried converting my Quicken 2007 from my PC to my Mac environment. It requires exporting specific QIF files including Security, Transactions, Categories, and Accounts. I did this step by step. The result was it DID import some data but not all. All data from some old accounts were not transferred. My data dates back to 1991 and would like all that to transfer!. Any ideas? I'm upset with Intuit. They have ignored Mac and a seemless conversion is not in their planning. I would love for Apple to come up with their own personal finance software.
Anyway, any suggestions to how I can get all data to convert? Thank you so much for your assistance. I am loving the Mac. Doesn't compare to the PC!