Green iMac Won't Boot from HD

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I have Green iMac, recently purchased used. I put a tested 20gb HD in it and installed OS9.2. The iMac boots from the OS9.2 CD without issue, and sees and installs OS9.2 on the HD without a problem. I formated the HD as MAC Standard, and checked it with First Aid; all was well.

I set the Startup control panel to boot from the HD, and restarted. All I get is the file folder with the question mark indicating that the iMac can't find a system to boot from.

I tried a reset of the PRAM and that accomplished nothing. At this point I am open to suggestions? Thanks in advance for any you may have.

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This is a trayloader, I'm gue

This is a trayloader, I'm guessing? If so the boot partition needs to be in the first partition, that is also less than 8GB. It's a known issue with older iMacs and PowerBooks.



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First 8GB partition issue only for OS X . . .

not for any classic MOS.

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Hmm, well, there I go often-repeating it. So apparently it is an issue with classic MOS. Guess a repartition of the drive (with a 7.5GB or smaller first volume) would be a good start for MR T. Thanks Jon.

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