Misc. Apple ][ parts available.

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Just too let everyone know;

I have a few items for the Apple II here:

(3) Apple II+ Bodies , they have been cleaned and seem to be in great condition.

(2) sets of apple II+ Keyboard Keys , great if you need to replace some keys Shock)

(2) Apple II+ Power Supplys

(1) Apple //C Metal Monitor Stand

Well over 500 5 1/4 floppy disks , alot of copied stuff , plus alot of Original Disks!
will have to get together a list of the Original Disks later..

Any how , if any of this stuff can help someone else restore or fix their apple stuff
please let me know , it's just taking up space.



Long Live The Apple ][

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im taking the IIc stand thoug

im taking the IIc stand though, Austin

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i might be interested in some

i might be interested in some of the games if uve got some god ones Wink


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I need the keys. What do I need to do to get them?



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Reply to For Sale ads by PM p

Reply to For Sale ads by PM please.
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