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What kind of hard drive will work on a IIgs, a profile? Or what other kind? Thanks! I am going to install GS/OS on it, just in case you need to know...

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Heck, I didn't even know you could use a profile drive with an Apple II until I looked it up in Wikipedia. I've never heard of anyone doing that, but then my sample size isn't all that big.

Most people that I have ever heard, and I'm sure someone else will weigh in, use either some sort of external scsi drive or a more modern "hardcard" style device. There's several SCSI cards for the IIgs, Apple made a couple- the more sought after being the Sandwich II (if I remember correctly). CMS made one that works OK, and other that jumps to mind is a Ramfast.

Hardcard-wise I've seen a Focus drive, basically an IDE adapter for the IIgs, with a 2.5" laptop IDE drive bolted on. I had one, worked great, even with what would seem to be a tiny 240 mb hard drive. 240 mb turns out to be pretty big for the IIgs. I think that ReactiveMicro is currently making some Compact Flash based drives for the IIgs as well.

I've seen all of the above (except ReactiveMicro's stuff) on ebay.

You'd need an inteface card to make the Profile drive work on an Apple II anyway, so I'd say maybe go for a Sandwich II or Ramfast instead and run SCSI. Then if you get the itch to use a Zip drive on your IIgs you could do that. Why, I don't know, but you could.



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Hmmmmm...... So a Profile ha

Hmmmmm...... So a Profile hard drive won't even work?

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A Profile will work, if you h

A Profile will work, if you have the apple II Profile interface card. Profiles are small, 5 or 10 meg. Might use a lot of power also. There was also a Corvus it had its own interface. CMS drives had there own interface card, not sure if they would work with a regular SCSI, with out refomatting it. Will have to try it someday. Sider drives were SASI, but could be used with a RamFast SCSI card. Ramfast did not SCSI-II that much, but work with a lot of CDroms. Where Apple's SCSI like SCSI-II fine, but did not work with CDroms except the 150 and the 300.

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