Macbook+cola= new project computer.

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So i have been given another laptop as a salvage.. it's very obvious that something has been spilt on the logic board. I have a few questions for everyone, I've never replaced a logic board on a macbook before (only ibooks) and they're a little different
so, questions:

1- I've read that if I replace the logic board but the battery connector wire was also effected by the spill, the battery connector can cause the whole board to short(and fry) and will make it impossible for the battery to charge.

2- This computer right now with the damaged logic board will only respond if it is plugged into the wall. When it is turned on from the plug, the screen will flicker with light quickly and the cdrom and fan will turn on as if the computer were turning on, but it doesn't actually boot. Is this typical for a damaged logic board or have I misdiagnosed?

Thank you Smile


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oOoOoO damaged logic board

Yea...i think ur best bet is replacing the logic board. Also see about replacing the battery connector wire. I can imagine that would require ripping everything out, but i cant imagine that you would want to fry a recently bought logic board....b/c that would suck and actually that was why i changed over from a pc to mac b/c i always blew those motherboards apart with video and audio upgrades.

Good Luck


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Now I could be wrong about th

Now I could be wrong about this, but I've heard washing the internals of a laptop with distilled water can bring it back to life after a spill. I would try that before buying the new logic board.


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