Ready To Disassemble (and reassemble) iBook G4

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I've decided it is time to disassemble this iBook G4 to hopefully find only a disconnected wire to the DVD drive that can no longer be recognized and no longer accepts CD or DVD disks when they are slid in to the slot.

The nonoperative condition of the optical drive happened after a very short fall from a bed to a floor. Yes, this is the second tumble and the same thing happened the first time however, that time there was a disk in the drive which I could not get out.

A fairly expensive trip to a great repair shop resulted in a fine working machine that was reported to only have had a wire to the optical drive disconnected.

So I ask myself, if I can tune a Volvo Penta engine on my boat, why can't I do this simple (?) procedure?

I have found one decent step by step site (for a G3 I think).

Would anyone care to add some advice or offer an opinion or direct me to a better step by step website?



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The screws are everywhere!

No really, there are a ton of screws holding them together. An ice cube tray one of the best things to have.

However, it doesn't sound like you have a loose cable, but a bad drive. I have never worked on an iBook G4, so i am not sure of the layout, but there really is not much space for the CD cable to become disconnected.

***EDIT: Guide for a 12" iBook G4

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you might go to the powerbook medics website as it has free downloadable manuals. I used a similar website when I disasembled my iBook G3


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this website seems great too

keeping all this in mind, I will continue to work with a SONY I LINK external drive I have hooked up but as it is old it is limited to what it can do and I could not install the SONY software because it requires OS 9 or Classic which is not on this iBook anymore phew.... thanks guys and gals!

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