What is the IIc "MOUSE ID"?

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On the Apple IIc mouse port, there is a pin that tells the computer that the device it is talking to is a mouse, and not a joystick. It is labeled "MOUSE ID" in some pinnouts. All of the rest of the mouse commands on that DB-9 connector, make sense to me, but that one! What kind of signal is sent down that pin to identify the device as a mouse? Is it just a steady +5v DC? Or is it some timed pulse? Or maybe I have the wrong idea totally!?!? Could someone help me with this?

Thanks in advanced!

~Mark Baldridge

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It's almost definitely an inp

It's almost definitely an input, and probably just loops back 5v or Gnd. If you have a mouse, check for continuity between the pins for MOUSE ID and 5v and Gnd.