Charging my Pismo battery with household items?

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So I'm on vacation in Mexico for 3 or 4 months, and my Pismo G3 power source melted down. I'd like to charge the battery
a little, since it will give me about 45 minutes of use (so I can access bookmarks, etc). It was the 45 watt model.
How would one do this
"in the field" so to speak? I have access to alkaline batteries, soldering iron, small electroncs transformers, and the 12 volt AC transformers which you might find in
halogen track lights. Can I rig up something to charge my battery briefly? (Outside of the laptop, of course)
I am looking for some schematic of the Pismo battery with its 6 terminals; which are the two that count?

I've ordered a new power supply off eBay, but this being Mexico it will take about 4 weeks to get. Life is slow here; the mail is even slower.


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how's the connector?

Did that get 'melted' too? If not, you could try to find a 24V power source and cobble on that connector . . .

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