Piano Roll Duplication/Archival with Apple II

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A long time ago (probably 4-5 years) I remember reading about a gentleman from England that used his Apple II to make a system to scan, punch, and archive piano rolls. I was curious if anyone remembers anything about this.

It may have been prior to when the website went down, and I know there was an article, but I think he also possibly posted here. Any pertinent information would be greatly appreciated.


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Wayne Stahnke?

Probably not the same guy (not British), but did some amazing stuff



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I don't think there was ever

I don't think there was ever an article about it, but there was a forum discussion.



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Wow, I remember that thread.

Wow, I remember that thread. That's one of the very obvious gems of the old board. That was one of the coolest A2 hack stories I've ever read.


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Rex Lawson, Apple II extraordinaire Guy

Dave and all,

I just finished reading the Rex Lawson blogs and I could not stop until it suddenly ended.
I am not sure what happened to the rest of the series, but all I really needed was the first couple and I was hooked.
The last entry I read was from five years ago and then it just disappeared. Does anyone know why? Did he ever place scans of the cards he modified up on a website? Did his software self-destruct while he was using it?
Best Regards Smile


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