Dayna Serial Ethernet Adapter How rare is it

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So I was rummaging around the MSU Surplus barn and found this Dayna Serial Port Ethernet Adapter.. Any Idea how rare these things are.. I cant find anything about it online. It came in its original box with the software floppy cables and manual. Seems it will work with SSW 6 up to 7.5.5. I managed to put my Mac SE online with it.

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MSU? As in Michigan State Uni

MSU? As in Michigan State University?! Were is this wonderful surplus barn? I might just have to take the drive to go check it out now...

-digital Wink

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Yup.. U of M has one as well

Yup.. U of M has one as well
thats MSU's

Heres U of M's in Ann Arbor

And then Central Michigan has one as well. I went one time to the auction and it wasnt too terribly bad.. Cheap stuff

Enjoy. Your probably a bargain hunter like myself. thrift shops, auctions, surplus sales

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I'd call it uncommon but not

I'd call it uncommon but not rare in the sense that it's valuable.

Farallon also made a similar connector called EtherWave, thing was they were slow but they had versions that would connect to your PowerBooks SCSI port, serial and aaui ports. Neat part was they could be daisy chained like appletalk so you did not need a hub.



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