Replicationg hard drive.

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I was wondering, is there a possible way to copy the OS on my G4, OS 10.3 Panther, and put it on my G3. I don't want to use 10.4 since it makes the machine run incredibly slow, and OS 10.3 seems to work some what smoothly on the G4. Should I just make some sort of compressed disk image of the G4's hard drive, and then copy over to the G3? Or should I do something else. If you have any idea, please respond. Thank you.

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I'd just use Carbon Copy Clon

I'd just use Carbon Copy Cloner and NetRestore.


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just use the "Restore" feature in Disk Utility. It will clone the disk from one to the other EXACTLY. I don't understand CCC after 10.3, because that's how I backup my harddrives now. AND it's bootable. So it should do it without needing an extra program.

CCC is free though (carboncopycloner) and probably cleans out the cache and whatnot. FYI, you *might* want to use Leopard Cache Cleaner (shareware) to clean out the system, just to make sure no problems can carry over. Just install it, and then uninstall it when you are done. there is a demo mode that does pretty much everything the full version does, but you can do stuff like run cron scripts and a bunch of other stuff that will help. But you *may* have a problem with the G3 if it's a Beige. The beige will not run 10.3 natively.

let us know if you have a beige G3 so I can help you do it. I know the procedure and can point you in the right direction


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I'll also put a plug in for SuperDuper! - it does a flawless job (in my experience at least) of cloning drives, and it's dead-easy to use.