Swapping LCD's on iMacs

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I have a 700MHz iMac with the 15" LCD. I also have a 17" LCD off of a 1.25gig iMac. The logicboard on 1.25 Gig machine died however the LCD is ok. I know that the internal plugins on the logicboards are different between the 700MHz iMac and the 1.25 Gig iMac.

I have read that the 700 and 800MHz iMacs had an option for the 17" LCD. My Question is will the 17" LCD swap with the 15" LCD. I have all the parts I need. What I don't know is weather the GPU with 32megs ram in the 700MHz will support the 17" LCD correctly. I plan on swapping out the LCD's with out getting into the bottom end of the iMac and I'm hoping that the connectors are the same on the LCD's.

Any one Know or had any experiance doing this kind of swap.


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LCD swaps

I can tell you this as an example of what these LCD's are set up like. The 12" LCD is universal with iBooks and Powerbooks. The 14" LCD for the iBook G3 has a different size connector than the G4. One is about 1.5" wide and the other is only 1" The cables cannot be swapped out either.

Swapping different size screens should be OK if you are going to keep it stationary and are not expecting it to look great. The two main things to look at on the LCD's connections are the length of the inverter connection and whether it is left or right sided, The connector ribbons should be easy enough to check once the screens are free. Lastly, you should just tear it apart and do it! That is how I learned so much stuff over the years.

If the machines are 800MHz and 1.25Ghz, then they are probably able to support whatever screen will connect to it. There is also the external monitor way to go as well.



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orig poster was asking about

orig poster was asking about iMacs not iBooks or Powerbooks.