a wish: iTunes visual effects as a screen saver

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I've had iTunes for a few months, but have only just discovered how cool the visual effects are.

Why isn't there a screen saver with the identical effects?

I found this...

but I'd like to see it as a bona fide screen saver, whether iTunes is running or not.

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This may never happen, as the

This may never happen, as the iTunes graphic thingy, pulses and moves in time to the music. Have you noticed that if the music is turned of it is less vibrant ect. this is why you need iTunes open when you run that one you found on the internet.

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Support the guy behind G-Force and Whitecap (the bases for the Itunes visualizer) One of his hopes is to make a screensaver version, but its worth supporting him. As for a hold over DL the standalone version and set up a script. Not exactly an elegant solution but until he does the code you'll have to do your own scripts.

IIRC the website is 55ware.com