Apple IIe to IIGS Upgrade Kit or Parts

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I'm trying to find the kit that Apple made to upgrade the IIe to a IIGS. The kit has the logic board and the rear panel (accommodates the new connectors, etc...).

New/surplus/refurb or good working condition is accepteble. I'd prefer documentation but it is not an absolute must. Any software and accessories that I need would be appreciated. I'll pay up to $200 if you have the complete kit with all the parts.

Alternatively, if you've got a working IIGS in an Apple IIe case, with the badges, I'd be open to buy that.





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IIe upgrade

$200 would be a very good deal. I have seen them go on Ebay for $500+.

All they are is a ROM 1 motherboard in an IIe case. But, if you just have to have one, find a sheetmetal shop to bend you a piece of 16 gauge aluminum and make your own. Far cheaper.