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When I owned a Brother Word Processor in the 1990s, I was able to make a page of return address labels, simply by asking the machine to print my address thirty times on a page of labels.

How does one do this with an Apple IIGS, using AppleWorksGS? I have had a devil of a time figuring this out. I have both an ImageWriter II printer (continuous fee labels) and a StyleWriter (label pages.)


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Printing Mailing Labels


You're going to have to search the Appleworks manual and the Imagewriter II manual for Page Setup. It's been 20 years since I've done anything like this, but I do remember finding the answer in one of the two books.

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Steven (gsmcten)

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For more then one label and t

For more then one label and the same one over and over. I would recomend the program "Labels, Labels, Labels,"

It was easy to use on the Apple II/IIgs, and the ImageWriterII. You could adjust the spacing for your labels. After printing a 100 or so they would off. You could make very fine adjustments. Add Icons to them as well.

Should be on a few sites to D/L.

I am sure there are as well.

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Hi, Adress For Sucess was a

Adress For Sucess was a IIgs one. Send ne a PM when you get a chance.

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