Anyone Have A USB, Ralink or Realtek Wifi Adapter WORKING in 10.5.3?

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As it says, has anyone got one of these working in 10.5.3? I'm needing to buy a G-capable USB 'stick' to cover for my sporadic internal Airport Extreme. I see various reports of these working in 10.5, 10.5.2 et cetera, but I want to buy this once, and be solid.

So, if you have got a Ralink or Realtek powered USB wifi dongle working in 10.5.3, please posts as much info about it as you can, including make and model, chipset inside, and any tweaking with drivers and the like you had to do, if any, to get 'er runnin' right.

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A USB, Ralink or Realtek Wifi

A USB, Ralink or Realtek Wifi Adapter can wrok in 10.5.x, you don't worry about this, the version change 10.5.x don't effect this.