another atx for old mac question

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recently,I heard about atx power supply can create switch.first I cut original green and any gnd line.try to touch each I can feel power on for fan and 4 pin plug.but the quesiton is coming.I try to test my old mac for macintosh II and apple II gs motherboard.suddenlly,I just see the powerlight like flash.light on and light off.keep going on.I don't know why.can u explain it?or old mac can't used atx power supply.I really want to used atx power for my old mac.thx

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I'm curious to know where you

I'm curious to know where you've heard that an ATX power supply will work with a Mac II or Apple IIgs? Do you have a diagram of the power connector pinouts for those motherboards? The only Mac I'm aware of that can use an unmodified ATX power supply is the Beige G3, and you have to change a jumper on the motherboard in order to do so. I wouldn't plug a non-OEM PSU into any motherboard until I've got all the facts about each and every pinout first. Sounds like a really good way to cook your motherboard. Just one wrong pin connection could kill off your motherboard.

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ATX to Apple IIGS

[Blantent Plug]
I make a ATX to IIgs adapter, and it can be found here:
[/Blantent Plug]