Clear Apple Portable on Ebay

Clear Apple Portable on Ebay
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Check him out . . .


This is the guy whose name is on the computer.


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and it finishes at a mear US

and it finishes at a mear US $6,766.00 ... wow!

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what's the story?

I find this auction pretty peculiar--not necessarily fishy--but peculiar. I would assume the Mac Portable for auction and the one pictured in the online article are one and the same since it's been personalized. How did it end up on eBay? That article is less than a year old. You'd think that Mac would have great personal value to Mr. Poese who, of course, would know all about it, inside and out. How does it go from being front and center in that photograph on the article to an eBay auction where the seller seems to know very little about it in less than a year?

Maybe someone who knows him, or is in his area, could call Mr. Poese just to see if he's aware of the auction and to double-check that everything is legit. Actually, whatever the story is would be none of our business, but just to make sure there isn't something fishy going on unbeknownst to Mr. Poese.

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The link... the auction:

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Gorgeous. Those "iSoldit" sellers on eBay, are they all selling agents for an anonymous owner? Starting bid was $24.99. I wonder if they had any idea how high the bids would go. I'll bet they're spinning in their seats.