G4 quicksilver Power Issues?

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Hey guys. My g4 quicsilver powermac just took a turn for the worst. There was a power failure in the middle of the night, and despite having a surge protector, it messed my quicksilver up. It will not boot now. Green light comes on, but no bong noise. tried disconnecting from power, still nothing. Think the Power Supply failed? Or does the green light mean its getting power, and the logic board is toast?

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Try removing the PRAM battery ...

... and see if that changes anything?


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Was it on during the power fa

Was it on during the power failure? Was it hooked up to an Apple Cinema Display through the ADC? Have you tried stripping it down to bare essentials? The green light can come on even with a bad (weakened) power supply.

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PMU reset button on the logic

PMU reset button on the logic board? I've pressed that button on dozens of supposedly "dead" Power Mac and iMac G4's only to have them bounce back to life.


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