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I recently got an older radio from my grandmother that has remarkable reception and clarity. I like to listen to it as I go to bed, but the problem is that whenever I want to change the station, I have to turn on a light. This is frustrating and it hurts my eyes, so I'm considering putting a small green neon tube I just got behind the dail on the inside. I just want to know if the inverter for the tube will cause any kind of interference inside the case. Does anyone know anything about this type of thing?



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wouldnt some green LEDs be si

wouldnt some green LEDs be simpler Wink


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I'd think neon or flourescent would just about have to cause interference. Nature of the beast.

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If the radio is AM, then any

If the radio is AM, then any kind of gas discharge tube (neon, flourescent, cold-cathode, etc.) will create interference. As tomlevens suggests, an LED would be better. You might also consider using a small incandescent bulb running at less than rated voltage. This will create a nice warm glow and a very long life.

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oh yea

Those EL wire / CCFL lamps generate TONS of radio noise. But the frequency is usually 1-4Khz so it's probably not a problem unless it's an AM radio.

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