I give up... or, I didn't mean to wipe *that* driver...

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I have searched high and low: here, on System7Today, jagshouse, all my backups, and everyone of about a thousand disks I own... and cannot find a driver I impetuously wiped off my hard drive. I'm not necessarily new to this, but cannot for the life of me find the driver for the Realtek PC ethernet card in my Performa 6360; it was on there and now it's gone. [Not surprisingly, a reformat/partitioning of the hard drive occurred in the middle. I know this is my fault.]

Unfortunately, the drivers that I have found [RTL8139x version 3.x] all demand OS 8 or 9, and I'm running 7.5; in my case, I believe the "x" at the end of the model is a "d", but still can't find the drivers. "Ethernet" shows up in the MacTCP control panel, but none of the network functions work.