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So it has finally happened...my powerbook needs service, I've dreaded this day since I've bought the thing. So its looking like its the battery for some reason it wont charge unless i pop it in and out a couple times..but then it only charges for about 10 seconds then kicks out. Tried it on another powerbook and let it sit with the battery inside of it for 2 hours the whole time it said 0% then took it out..put it in mine and its dead, pop it in and out a couple times...and now its full... (whats going on here) so i shutdown my machine and go home...now the battery is dead !

Gave the folks at apple a call to find out what my options are, cause i still am with in my warranty. well the tech tells me its going to have to be looked at by a apple service rep in my area, thats cool no worries to me..but i ask him this wouldn't happen to be anything like the first batch of ipods are having with their battery cause i know someone else that had the some problem with the their PW. right then and there i thought it was over, the agent on the phone took it as almost a threat with a demanding reply " there is nothing wrong with our products " easy killer don't get hyped up over some company secrets.

Anyways to make a long story short I've been told mixed information about the warranty of the battery, Apple US says 6 months, Apple Canada says 3 months ( do they only expect the battery cells to last 3 months ?) anybody happen to know what the real answer here is ???