Free Performa 630 with CD, 32MB upgrade, replaced hard drive, new Asanté Ethernet [New York City, ZIP 11104]

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Hi folks. I want to give away this Mac that I rescued and fixed a while ago.

It`s been sitting unplugged for a while, so the PRAM battery might be dead, so I will give the taker a spare, also for free.

I just put in a new [yes, new-old-stock] Ethernet card [since it didn`t sell on eBay :-(]. The driver disk is included [I stuffed it inside the computer to make sure it doesn`t get lost; it`s easy to open - the only tool you need is a normal-sized Phillips screwdriver].

I live in Sunnyside, which is not far from the Queensboro bridge. Anyone reading this is welcome to pick it up. Since it`s only a 630 [i.e. no built-in monitor], you could even use public transit. It`s not really that heavy or that big.

If interested, please e-mail to me at "abe149 at gmail" [you know what to do].

BTW, if anyone reading this [but not personally interested] has an account at, would you please cross-post this for me? I want this Mac to go to a good home, not to the garbage.

One last thing: if this isn`t taken by early September, I will have to toss it [unless a local charity will take it.] My apartment is too crowded with machines I don`t even use.