G3 Yosemite Mystery Headers

So I've got my Yosemite G3 dismantled awaiting new thermal compound and heat-sinks, and I notice some unpopulated headers on the motherboard, and think, "Hm, I wonder if these would work if I installed the connectors on the 'board?"

And I wondered what ESP/ICT stands for (you'll see it)

Mystery Header 1

Mystery Header 2

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Hokusai's picture


The one labeled ESP/ICT always seemed that I wouldn't be able to use it even if I knew what it meant. The 12V Fan header always interested me, though. Almost as if it should have had a fan on the CPU.


One of the things I was trying to figure out is whether the DVD sound input header and the 3 pin fan header could actually be USED if I were to install the connectors to the unpopulated headers.