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Hi all,
after 22 years I finally have an apple ][e again thanks to ebay. The motherboard was made in 1984, PAL version (the aux slot is below the C3 slot, not over next to the PSU as in NTSC boards) and as far as I can tell its a revision B board so it should be capable of 'Double Hi res' mode.
Now not having had one of these for so long and this one not coming with any user manuals or software I have a couple of questions.

Firstly what does the swich on the bottom of the front bevel do? I think it connects to a header on the motherboard labeled J19....
and secondly the return key is a bit dodgy, how do i go about fixing it or getting a replacement?

Thirdly, there is an 80col/64k memory expansion/ video card in the C3 and Aux slots, if i plug my monitor into the rca connector connected to this card I get no video, currently I get video from the standard vidoe out from the motherboard.
It there any benefit from taking the video from the expansion card and if so how do i get it to out put video?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Switch and button question

Sabot68 wrote:

Firstly what does the swich on the bottom of the front bevel do? I think it connects to a header on the motherboard labeled J19....

Isn't that the AZERTY QWERTY keyboard switch on the French Apple IIe ? Flip the switch and type in a few keys to see.

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Thanks 2Eor2C , i'll try that

Thanks 2Eor2C , i'll try that out.
so can anybody tell me what the extra rca connector on the 80col/video card is for, i assume video out but i have been unable to get it to work

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Switch and Button Question


Welcome back to the insanity. lol

From my understanding of the Euro II's, If you already have an 80 Column card in the aux slot then slot 3 is useless. Try placing your RGB card in Slot 1 or 2 for your video.

Keyboard replacements can usually be found on eBay for somewhere between $14.00 to $20.00. There is also an outfit called SunRem (?)
that sells keyboards for about $15.00 (but thats been over a year agoso I don't know if they still exist.)

For more info on the Euro II's go to: http://apple2history.org/
There is a huge amount if stuff there and it will lead to other links you might be interested in.


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Thanks gsmcten, unfortuna

Thanks gsmcten,
unfortunately slot 3 is the only slot this card will fit in as the aux slot lines up with slot 3 and the card need to plug into both, I'll try and upload a pic to illustrate when i get the chance.
As far as i can tell this card is the 80col/64k mem expansion card with video.
The part number printed on the card is A661-91097. looks like it was made here in Australia, it has Apple Computer Aust printed on it and was made in 1985.