Fire wire dead on a mono1,8 G5?

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looking for a utilities to check the firewire (notice the g5 don't accept cards too!..;a problem of software?)
If someone get the case your help is welcome.

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Use your OS X install disc

Boot to your OS X installer disk (put the disk in the drive, restart, hold "C" at chime until the apple comes up)

Depending on your particular version of OS X (Panther, Tiger, Leopard), go to either the "Installer" menu or the "Utilities" menu and select "System Profiler"

See whether your FireWire bus (and any attached devices) show up under the Firewire heading.


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no info

Thx for answer of course i have watch there but nothing under the heading need maybee a physical test...

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My G4 mini lost FW for a whil

My G4 mini lost FW for a while. There is a fix for it, IIRC it means you pull the power for a while. I think it involves resetting the soft fuses on the mobo and getting the mobo to rescan for the port(s).

See here about 1/3 of the way down, the first response from "Mike Mihalik, LaCie" should be it.


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