Video card compatibility for MDD?

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Hey! I'm back after a quite long (and unintentional) break. So, I need some advice on what to do to get myself a third monitor running on my G4 Dual 867 mirrored drive doors model. I'd like to be able to just use a generic PCI video card, but I am not quite sure if this will be supported by Panther.



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Radeon 7000 PCI is fully supported in Panther


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It really comes down to what you mean by generic video card. As long as it is a Rage or above, it should be fine. Older than that and it may work, but it won't be 2D accelerated. You can pick up a cheap PC Radeon 7000 and flash it over, or buy some cheap Mac card.


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Re: Video card compatibility for MDD?

TomtheMacMan wrote:

I'd like to be able to just use a generic PCI video card, but I am not quite sure if this will be supported by Panther.

I'm fairly certain that any card you use will have to have a Mac-compatible BIOS on it. You won't be able to just grab a PC-intended card and stuff it in there, even if it's a chipset that OS X supports.

Flashing a Radeon 7000 is probably your cheapest option. Another thought would be to try to find one of the Rage 128 cards that shipped with the B&W/Yikes. (You don't get Quartz Extreme over PCI anyway, and if my experience with a B&W is any indication the Radeon isn't that much faster then the 128.)


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Rage 128


I Agree that the Radeon 7000 isn't "much" faster than the Rage 128, but I think that the 7000 supports dual monitors? But, you will be spliting the 32MB of VRAM between the 2 monitors... Anyway, I would go for more VRAM (16MB vs. 32MB)

Can't hurt...


I could be wrong.... But you might like the possibility of FOUR monitors, Right?

BTW: I have a Radeon 8500 AGP and a 7000 PCI in my system, and It works great!

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Well I'd say go for a Radeon 7000 PCI Edition... in my personal experience it's MUCH faster than a Rage 128... of course that personal experience revolves around an iMac 600 and an old eMac...with a Radeon 7500. Still... close enough. Wink