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hey guys i was wondering firewire and usb bridges in most cases will they only support only one ata drive?
i have a nice old scsi case a few nice drives and some bridges from some cases i had the idea to make a usb2 or firewire raid but i think the ata controller on these is striped down for one drive i can fit 2 bridges in this case but would like to know if i can put 2 on one bridge instead figure master slave cable select settings won't allow it but figure i'd ask

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I've got a number of FW cases/bridges and most only see one drive. Only the more expensive (seems to me) units can see both devices (eg: a year old LaCie HD case.)

You'll just have to test each bridgeboard to tell if two-drive-support exists.

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thank you for anyone interest

thank you for anyone interested in this i'll see about posting my findings