mdd g4 psu pinout

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hey guys i got a mdd g4 and the connector to the board was hacked off don't know who or why
but i found a pinout chart though there is one extra orange wire that is slightly thinner then the rest just wondering where that goes is it combined with another orange? maybe pin 6? this machine may still be a doorstop but when i tested the psu with a meeter i got voltage and a good test according to the apple manual i downloaded and am hoping i got a dual 867 to turn into a little raid box

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When you say you've got "one

When you say you've got "one extra orange wire that is slightly thinner " do you mean one of the four orange wires, or do you have a spare?

I'm going to guess it's one of the four, in which case I'd agree that it's pin 6 3.3V/sense.

If you can wait two weeks, I'll have a MDD and can take a look Wink


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5 orange

yea i have a extra orange i was figuring the thinner wire is some kind of data so that's pin 6 but then i have an extra orange power line 5 total