ADTpro not working with win xppro 64bit

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ADTPRO refuses to work on my win xp pro 64bit computer.
When I launch it a command line window briefly flashes up on screen, a folder window appears in my task tray pointing to c:\windows\java then nothing. I have updated to the latest java version, version 6 update 7.
Has anybody else had success using xppro 64bit and adtpro?
I have a laptop that has the 32bit version of xp pro on it and adtpro lauches fine, problem is the laptop does not have any com ports and i'd rather not have to buy a usb to serial adapter as they are waaay over priced.

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with my very short testing of

with my very short testing of xp64, i found a lot of stuff didn't work correctly on it. In fact, I am very disgusted with how horrid it ran actually.


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Re: ADTpro not working with win xppro 64bit

Sabot68 wrote:

win xp pro 64bit computer

It's the RXTX library that's failing to load, probably. You might bring up a command window and run ADTPro from there - then you'd see the messages. You'll likely need to wait for RXTX to come out with a Windows 64 bit version, though. See: