Flower Power iMac slot load

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I wouldnt exactly call this a hardware hack as i would call it a redneck fix. but i just aquired an flower slot load imac with no cd or hard disk. im just woundering if its possible to make a cable to connect ide drives to this system (the computer was missing the origianal hard disk cable) i know the connecter is a standard 50 pin and ide is 40pin, im woundering if it would be possible to take a scsi 50pin cable and attach a 40pin connector to it. (pinouts anyone)

otherwise anyone have the cable and a slot load cddrive for sale?


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External drive?

Flower Power has two FireWire ports. How about just hooking up a FireWire hard drive and optical drive, especially if you have any lying around? This will also help you get around the internal 128GB drive size limit on the G3 iMacs.


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no firewire

unfortunately firewire is the one thing i have never had, everything i have is usb, (tried booting OS9.1 from a flash drive but it didnt work) but i do have an older imac rev7 with working drives, just no cable that would connect

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Easy enough...

Photos (not immensely helpful text, unfortunately.

Another set

Basically, 40 pins of the 50 pin connector are a plain IDE pinout, while the rest carry power and audio signals to/from the proprietary CD-ROM drive. If you don't care about screwing up the motherboard pins you can just cram a normal IDE cable into the correct end of the connector and hang drives off it as usual. To quote the second article: "In the iMac mobo I put the 40 pin IDE cable into the 50 pin connector using the pins closest to the PRAM battery."

If you *don't* want to do that, then this article notes that you can make a working cable by splitting a 50 pin SCSI cable between pins 10 and 11 and pressing on a 40 pin connector.

The one advantage I could see, and this is *purely* theoretical, to just squishing a normal cable into the motherboard slot is you could use an 80 wire UDMA-rated IDE cable and possibly get better speed/reliability then you would with a recycled SCSI cable. Admittedly I don't know first-hand whether the original cable was UDMA-rated or not, as I've never been inside a slot-loader.


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well i normally wouldnt have the balls just to shove a ide cable onto the board unless someone else suggested it, but after looking how he made his cable i did just that connected a standard ide cable from pins 11-50 and hooked up a cdrom/hard drive with a power spliter and am installing osx 10.2 right now.

thanks a bunch, now i just need to think of what i want to do with my older RevC iMac with no hard drive.