Dead Powerbook G4 17"

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Hi all,

I was using my powerbook yesterday when it died. The screen shut off, but you could still see the last image stuck on the screen even though the backlight was off.

Even though the battery was in, the computer fully shut off when i pulled the power cord.
Now, if the battery is in and I turn it on, I get nothing except a very quiet fan noise.
If the battery is out, the optical drive spins up and the harddrive does as well, but there is no chime and the screen stays black.

I'm thinking logic board.

What do you think?


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Try booting off the CD/DVD dr

Try booting off the CD/DVD drive. HD might have went south even thought it is spinning.

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A couple of things... first,

A couple of things... first, does it chime when you restart it? Second, can you hook up an external monitor to it? It could be the screen. Third, I have heard about this happening on some 17" G4s (I have one, and it did this twice to me, but restarted ok). The best thing to do would be to connect an external monitor and see if it does anything.

I have a television hooked up to mine (through the S-Video port) and sometimes if I restart it will blank the laptop monitor and use the television as the main monitor (don't know why it does that).

Starting from the CD sounds like a good idea, with an external monitor, if it still gives you the blank screen.

Hope that helps.