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Hello. I am selling an almost brand new Apple IIgs. I rescued it from an auction but discovered when I got home it was brand new! Everything was still wrapped and complete with keyboard, mouse, and manuals! I only used it a couple times and decided that someone else would have a better use for it than me. I am selling the IIgs, manuals, some software including GS/OS 6.0.1 I think, and 3.5" disk drive. I am also selling a IIc. I have a green monochrome monitor and 5.25" disk drive too, whoever buys the IIc or IIgs first will get it if they want it. Buyer pays shipping, make me a reasonable offer. Call 928-782-5225 or email me at , I will email back a lot faster, or just email me on applefritter.


I can take pictures but it's in the box packed up in my garage, if you are really interested, I will get some pictures no problem. Thanks!

I will trade for a pocket pc also!