iBook G4 14" 1.0 Ghz Ram Question

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I have the above mac and I'd like to go from 256 (why apple? why?) to above the one gig limit (1.25?). I was wondering if putting ram in this machine was as easy as getting a pc2100 compliant (or pc2700) SODIMM module from anywhere or was it like the g3 imacs or power mac g3 where you had to get it low density, dual sided, cl2, made with rich corinthian leather, and with sacrificial blood over it.

I thought it was going to be straight forward, but I just wanted to make sure.



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I'm currently looking for a PM9600 that's in good shape. thanks!

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iBook G4

Don't forget to have Ricardo Montalbán praying over it using the magic word "Cordova!" and use virgine blood. Smile


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Pretty simple really

"Any old" PC2100 or PC2700 SODIMM will work just fine. Of course you're aware PC2700 will clock down to PC2100.


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