CMS hard drive help needed.

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Ok... Here we go , I have a CMS Hard Drive. The problem here is that I do not have the cables for the drive or the card!? Does anyone know of where I can obtain the cables or cable , and the proper card for this drive? I am trying to get this up and running because It contains some really rare stuff on it , mostly from a friend of mines BBS he ran back in the day , and I would love to transfer the hard drive contents to a .HDD file for use in Applewin.

If you guys can help , that would be awsome.

See ya.

Patrick A.


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CMS Hard Drive


The only help I can give on this one is eBay. They constantly have the drives, cards, and software up for auction. You just have to keep going back until you find it.

Again, Good Hunting. Smile


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The CMS uses a SCSI-1 (25 pin) cable which should be easy the find from a cable store. The controller is another matter. The partitions on a CMS drive are set using jumpers on the controller card. The drive itself is a standard SCSI drive. In my case it was a Seagate ST277N. With the controller setting 2 32MB partitions. All for a low cost of about $1000.00 when brand new.

I'm not sure, but my guess would be that if it has only one partition then any AppleII SCSI card should work. I think I have a manual around somewhere the the CMS if you want a copy or you can check out
look at section 13, it refers to the CMS drives. Mine is one of the original controllers, apparently the other controllers don't necessarily behave the same as mine. Hope this help some.


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If the card had the same scsi

If the card had the same scsi port as the mac did you might be able to use an early mac scsi cable which are more readily available.

I found early scsi 1 cables from a thrift stores in addition to buying people's used macs off craiglist.