*FREE TO A GOOD HOME* AppleShare Print Server Software Version 2.0 *New In Box*

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Hi all,

I came across this a few years ago in a lot I purchased at a university auction.
I kept meaning to do something with it but never got around to even opening.

It's AppleShare Print Server Software Version 2.0. It's new in the box. It's
still shrinkwrapped. I have no need for it, not worth my time to put on ebay,
and I can't stand the idea of throwing it away.

It's free to a good home. All I ask is that you pay the shipping. I'm estimating
$6 for priority mail. If I don't hear from anyone in a week, it's going in the
garbage can Sad

Here is what is under the required equipment section on the back of the box:

• Any AppleTalk-compatible printer
• One dedicated Macintosh 512K Enhanced, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE, or Macintosh II computer to act as a print server (if AppleShare Print Server software runs on the same server as the AppleShare File Server sofware, a Macintosh Plus, SE, or II is required)
• Appropriate AppleTalk network cables and connectors for each user and the server
• For each user, any computer that can print to a LaserWriter or ImageWriter on AppleTalk

Let me know if anyone wants to save this from the garbage truck Smile