Good source for Apple II game instructions/manuals and cheats

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I have various Apple II games w/o manuals.
Any good source to get the pdf scans for the manuals, joystick functions etc.
All the games are relatively well know (Infocom Enchanter, Hitchhikers, Bolo etc)

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Re: Good source for Apple II game instructions/manuals and cheat

Some of the various game tribute sites have documentation; it would do you good to do a Google search on the names. Asimov has a documentation section that got some recent additions (not the ones you mentioned, though.)

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Manuals and cheats

I've put a good number of game hints, cheats, and some manuals on my site here:
It's completely searchable; just click the Search link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


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another way to "cheat" at those pesky games

If you play a game through an apple ii emulator you can use the "save state" feature to save teh game prior to a diffucult section. This way you can simply load back to were you were if you were unsuccessful. This is especially good since many games back in the day didn't let you save. In a way its not really cheating but allowing you to resume from a previous point without having to start from the beginning.