Apple LCD monitor - throw it away now?

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Hi - I have a 20" aluminium cinema screen, and the pins on the DC plug (the one that goes in to the PSU) have become damaged in transit. I attempted to bend them back into shape as best I could but I am getting no power from the screen.

I found out that Apple don't actually repair this - they simply provide a replacement screen at something like 80% of the cost of a new unit. For one broken plug. And I can't get hold of a spare plug to even attempt to resolder myself (typically this is an Apple proprietary item).

So the only solution I can see would be to put a new male/female on the plug/PSU socket. Or wire directly into the PSU. But of course it doesn't look easy getting into the case of the PSU - no screws on it. So if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears! Otherwise I now have a very expensive aluminium paperweight.....


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i would never throw away an l

i would never throw away an lcd screen unless it was cracked.. i would take it apart until i determine if its fixable or not.


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Either fix it or sell it... someone on here would probably buy it to attempt repair.


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