OfficeMac 660av

Here a picture of a special casemod I did a few years ago.

I had a 660Av lying around without a lid, but in perfect working order. After seeing AppleFritter I tought of a way to do something with the mac. I could'nt get a nice case for the main board so I dropped the idea of a case altogether. Then in noticed that het board was a little less than a regular A4 paper. Why not treat it the same way? I took the old cardboard folder from a pile in an old building some years earlier and it seemed right for the job.

The power-supply was taken apart to see if it could be made smaller. and when fiddling withe the main board and the powersupply I thought: This can be done!

I removed the power switch from the power-supply and soldered a direct cable to the input. a external cableswitch turns the computer on or off. Because the 660av has no soft power, this is the only way to go. On the other hand, this is also safer when working on the machine. The cornerholes on the speaker fitted perfectly in the mechanism to hold the original papers. so that was taken care of. on

Overall looks of the OfficeMac.

connectors on the back

After lining up everything i drilled the holes, made an extention rod for the power-supply to keep it away enough of the main board and put everything in its place. It even works without a fan! the vertical position of the two boards is ideal for free air flow. only the harddrive is noisy.

(the extra red/black twisted cable is for connecting a video camera)

I could place a camera behind the hole to make a candid webcam, but time has since been very tight.

It is a very simple hack, but a dangerous one. there are high voltages unshielded and a false grip of the machine could kill you! I could shield is a little, but that would make it not nicer to look at when opened. And after all. we are here for the nice part of it... It is really great to open up the case while the machine is running... It is a real jaw-dropper

A perfect fit...

When i run it for a prolonged time, i put a pencil underneath to let more fresh air get in from the bottom. it has run for several weeks without problems.

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Now that is outstanding! lol Smile

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I love the idea of Macs disgu

I love the idea of Macs disguised as something else--flower pots, lamps, cigar humidors, gumball machines, lava lamps. This should start a trend. You could start your own website to host contributions by others. I did a check, and is available.

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I love it. I would sugge

I love it.

I would suggest adding some shielding to the book edges for safety - perhaps a sheet metal mesh like the front of a G5/Mac Pro tower. If it was fixed to only one cover, you could still open it while running, and the mesh should still allow enough airflow for passive cooling. If the mesh was an inch or so higher than the bottom, you would still get air flowing in from the rear.