need a IIe emulator for my Mac Classic.

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hey guys , I got an old Mac Classic II , and a ton of small floppies that came with it. I had a IIe emulator for it , but for some reason it just went bad on me Shock( . what I am looking for , and can't seem to find them , are the original startup disks for the mac classic. I think these are 3 1/4 disks? you know which ones Shock) . Any how , if anyone has a good emulator for the mac classic , can you get me one? I have an original 5 1/4 hooked up , so I just need to get a good emulator running , so I can see if I can get one of my CMS hard drives up and running. Just don't know how to get to it? Maybe you guys have some advice for me on the CMS hard drive issue? It is hooked up to the back of the mac classic at the present time.

But more important is to get a emulator up and running.

Thanks guys!

See ya

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