Slightly less functional Studio Display ideas...

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I have a 17" LCD Studio Display that was until several months ago working good. Then, out of the blue, it devloped a apparently common problem of the backlights going out (or more specifically the inverter board for the backlights).

I did a quick look for a replacement part and found it on sale for about $100. That was too much for just another monitor (a NICE monitor, no doubt, but just one of many). So, it has sat on a shelf for some time now. Until, that is, I took it down to look at it.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do with it. Any hacking ideas. I've seen how-tos on how to build your own projector but I'm just kind of 'meh' on that.

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Rip out the inverter and tube

Rip out the inverter and tubes and install strips of white LEDs; solves the hack want and the backlight issue in one step. Wink


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